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Green Energy

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World Green Energy Development Organization.


You can start earning with your small investment now. Invest Now and get relaxed because we will set your share with out bitcoin mining hardware. Few steps and you can start mining with us.


We establish hardware within maximum 3 days. We manage your investment/fund share and hardware during this time. Once your hardware is perfectally managed, Mining gain will be added daily to your wallet.


We normally recommend user to make withdraw weekly. We do not have any hidden fees on weekly withdraw. But if you want daily withdraw then we charge 10% of withdraw amount.

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World's powerful and esteemed Bitcoin Cloud Mining Organization..

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You have to buy minimum 45 KH/s power to start mining and your mining will be start after 3 days.

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You will get your profit daily once your mining start. You can withdraw your profit after 3 days.

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To increase/raise your profit, you can buy more power or you can share your referral link on social network .

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Reinvest your gain into mining power and get more than double profit everytime.


Country Manager

User Name Country Last Week Earning Email
Sig*** Vietnam 0.01028915 BTC HungK***@****
TAP***** Canada 0.00616563 BTC stanl*****@****
tes**** Ghana 0.00867654 BTC babu@****@*****
nel*** Brazil 0.01831887 BTC noelt***@***
mas*** Indonesia 0.02969514 BTC masng***@***
unc*** Australia 0.03128630 BTC benit***@****
238***** China 0.03547434 BTC 23869*****@***
She*** India 0.85510517 BTC sheet***@****
Ree***** United States 0.01744526 BTC eseli*****@****
zub***** Malaysia 0.02086539 BTC zubai*****@***
Ron*** Philippines 0.01034659 BTC rquin***@***
muz*** Turkey 0.02254404 BTC muzo8***@***
sho*** Germany 0.02295635 BTC shogy***@*****
col*** Moldova 0.02435569 BTC colun***@***
COI*** Netherlands Antilles 0.04296327 BTC bitco***@*****
dev*** Italy 0.03421791 BTC david***@*****
hma*** India 0.15451423 BTC hmayu***@***
gor**** Ukraine 0.00743130 BTC gorso****@***
Vik**** Russia 0.08977422 BTC vik.n****@****
tru*** Colombia 0.03367763 BTC sanlu***@*****
vla*** Belarus 0.03014079 BTC vladi***@***
yau***** Myanmar 0.02478958 BTC yaung*****@***
pay*** Oman 0.11407134 BTC paytm***@*****


State Manager

User Name State Last Week Earning Email
Myr*** Kalimantan 0.02184867 BTC Myusu***@***
Pri***** Krasnoyarskiy 0 BTC desla*****@*****
Gol*** Baden-Wurttemberg 0.00570035 BTC olive***@*****
Col*** Orhei 0.00845125 BTC dulci***@***
mae**** Victoria 0.00776440 BTC maell****@***
dk4**** Sao 0.00776440 BTC derek****@****
top*** Gorontalo 0.00803807 BTC ahiem***@****
Sto***** Nordrhein-Westfalen 0.00812928 BTC mr3_5*****@***
Zer**** Binh 0.00822049 BTC Bui.h****@***
ser*** Zhytomyrska 0.02164503 BTC korni***@***
edw**** Moscow 0.02978004 BTC edwar****@***
sal**** Malatya 0.03505553 BTC ah_sa****@*****
252*** Jiangsu 0.03547434 BTC 25227***@****
bit*** North 0.04466240 BTC bitsc***@***
pao**** Kyyiv 0.00151216 BTC paoll****@***
zsp*** Vladimir 0.01882105 BTC nspaw***@***
Piy**** Gujarat 0.39232239 BTC piyus****@*****
use***** Vologda 0.03422411 BTC dota_*****@****
Sl.*** Moskva 0.02691047 BTC pavlo***@***
pyd**** Andhra 0.01380830 BTC pydis****@***
Gal**** Georgia 0.01636510 BTC vinik****@*****
put*** Kalimantan 0.02144975 BTC jutaw***@***
bol**** Stavropol 0.01171181 BTC bolot****@****
spi*** Thanh 0.01230133 BTC spiri***@****
Kam**** Rajasthan 0.03361104 BTC kamal****@*****
Adm*** Hanoi 0.02720649 BTC the.i***@***
Ego**** Saha 0.03324296 BTC oleso****@*****


Why our mining gainful?

We know that there is more interest in buying and setting up your own private hardware. But it is for thoseone who are technically very skilled and intellectual, can solve tricky hard complications and earn gain with it. Most of people find these things annoying and we provides and realizethe best mining service experience at a lower budget cost utilizing green energy. Many people tell us that they can mine cheaper by themselves according to their calculations and position. But, Most of them always forgot about one or more important costs. We know that it is not possible to mine much gainful on a smaller scale by yourself.

Cost of Hardware

You do not need to worry about hardware cost and any other equipment cost required to begin mining.

High Electricity Cost

We realize that most gainful factor/area in mining is electricity, So we prefer and suggest green energy most time.

Loud Noise Problem

We set all hardware to safe, secret and away from normal region or location so no need to worry about loud noise.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process by which bitcoin's public ledger blockchain is built. Mining operation ensures transactions to be added to the blockchain as well as reward miners with bitcoin.
Mining operation is a complex mathematical calculation (known as hashing) which requires computational power (known as hash power) to be solved.
More the hash power one has, more is the probability of getting the solution faster than others and thereby winning more bitcoin.

How to Begin Mining ?

Everyone can start Mining

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Miner will get daily gain payments in their wallet everyday. Withdrawal takes place on every Monday. We have a history or record of paying consistently on time from many months on regular basis.

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Why we need Cloud Mining ?

In 2009, when Bitcoin first came to existence and there were only a handful of miners, bitcoin could have been mined using a laptop or a PC. But, situation has been changed drastically in last few years.
Bitcoin mining is now very competitive where mining mostly takes place in large server firms with huge hash power. This is called Cloud Mining.
Cloud Mining allows individuals to reap the benefit of long term return from one time investment, without bothering much about hardware maintenance.